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Your Golden Years can Really be Golden

Have you considered what you want your golden years to look like? Will you move from your home of thirty or forty years to another state to enjoy grandchildren? Will you move in with your son or daughter’s family or will they move in with you to share expenses or for you to help with […]

February 6, 2015 in Legacy Writing Prompts by

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New Year’s Resolutions–NOT ME

New Year’s resolutions are for the birds. No, birds don’t even make New Year’s resolutions. I guess they know how temporary this world is, or maybe they just live for the day. My only resolution I might make if I had one of those lists would be to teach more by teaching less. I have […]

January 9, 2015 in Legacy Writing Prompts by

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What Advice Would You Give?

A dear friend and father of three children, who I had the privilege to teach, passed away yesterday morning. What a shock! It was quick and sudden. With no time to prepare for the sudden loss, the family and community will need to take time to process the fact that Mike’s jolly smile will never be […]

November 19, 2014 in Legacy, Legacy Writing Prompts by

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Who’s Your Hero? Happy Birthday, My sister–My Friend!

Today is my sister’s birthday. It’s a big one–a milestone. It’s more than 60 but less than 80—Pros and cons there. But it doesn’t matter that the calendar shows an advanced year, she’s still my precious protector and mentor. Oh, she sees my faults, but she doesn’t care. She chooses to overlook them and looks […]

October 14, 2014 in Legacy, Legacy Writing Prompts by

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Dates We Never Forget

Certain anniversaries we never forget. Sunday, October 5, 1982, Daddy died. And even though it has been 32 years, I remember that early morning, standing at his bedside at 3:00 a.m. and realizing he was gone. He fought a two-year battle with colon cancer but decided he would rather die than suffer the ravaging effects […]

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Any Mismatched Problems in Your Legacy?

Strange how our senses can remind us of past events. The smell of hot apple pie brings back memories of Mom’s delectable offerings right out of the oven, the crust browned with sugar lightly sprinkled on top. Sometimes when I pass the bakery in the grocery store, my sense of smell takes me back to […]

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The Beginning of a Legacy

Consider your life and all the people you have met along the way and the impact each one has had on your life. I guess we will never know the impact that WE have had on other people’s lives this side of heaven. It reminds me of the little book I read several years ago—The Five […]

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What are Your Beautiful Messes?

My sister runs a tight ship at her house where she is the boss of most things. She’s also the cook and nanny, but she has established one thing—she is NOT the maid. I love the new sign she put over her kitchen sink. It says, DO NOT HAVE A MAID. TAKE CARE OF YOUR […]

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Start a New Tradition-Family Reunions

When I saw my cousins’ reunion picture on our family facebook page, I marveled and envied them for keeping the annual event alive. The Randall’s, Aunt Verna’s family, had eight siblings. Today, cousins and grandchildren abound, which must make for fun reunions. Family gatherings were huge events when I was a child on the farm […]

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What’s Your Happiest Moment?

Can you pinpoint that one moment in your life—that one you can immediately jump back to and say, “That was my happiest moment”? Mine: the birth of Aaron, our first-born son. This is not to take away from my excitement of baby Emily and baby Kyle. But before Aaron, I believed I would never have […]

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