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Panning for Gold in Our Golden Years

A Journal for Positive Aging

As we reach those golden years, we have to ask ourselves, have we found the gold? What control do we have over our own destiny, or do we have control over our destiny at all? Regardless of the setbacks and the catastrophes, can we laugh at our mistakes? Do we enjoy the living as we try to achieve our goal of finding gold in our golden years?

It happens to all of us. Regardless of the season of our lives, the old adage “time marches on” is so true. And no one can stop the damage it does to our bodies. However, with a positive attitude, we can be outward focused, not inward focused. When we are outward focused, people feel drawn to us. This gives us the opportunity to be a light in their lives. Being a light in the lives of others causes us to have a joyful outlook. It’s a win-win for all.

Panning for Gold in Our Golden Years: A Journal for Positive Aging allows you to not only face each season as it comes but also to see the growth and experience the learning that comes with it. When we see the positives that aging affords us, we might even enjoy the process. Reading through my mother’s experiences as she faced each new phase will trigger your own memories. Hopefully, you will be able to see the humor and realize you are not alone in this endeavor.

When you write your reflections on the prompts provided and even plan your own funeral and write your obituary, this journal will become a treasure of memories and a true gift for your children and for the generations to come.

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Review by Jan

What a fun book! It’s an easy read, full of stories about the author’s mother and family that entertain you, yet leave you with plenty to think about. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter were so clever, and the journal space at the end lets you reflect on your life and how you’re personally “panning for gold.” Each chapter focuses on an aspect of life that changes as we get older, forcing us to rethink our perspective. You’ll read about hearing loss, losing your license to drive, leaving your family home, and even planning for your funeral. The book covers it all! As Judy’s mother points out, “We need to keep our minds open to the world around us and never ever think we know it all.”  No matter how old we are, “getting older” will always be a new experience. This book helps you learn to navigate aging with humor and grace. I highly recommend it.

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