How Many Times Do You Revise and Self-Edit?

Could be 20-30 times

Could be more; could be less

Find a Critique Partner

A critique partner is not . . .

  • your mom

  • your dad

  • any other loved one.

A critique partner is not there to give you warm fuzzies.  

          Call the local library to find a writing group in the area or look for critique groups on Meet Up. 

Find a Beta Reader

A Beta Reader possesses not only a love for reading, but a Beta Reader also has read so many books that he/she has a critical eye to detail and will discover inconsistencies from chapter to chapter. Goodreads and Facebook groups are great places to find a free Beta Reader.

Two groups on Goodreads:


Beta Reader Group 

Two groups on Facebook:

Beta Readers and Critique Partners

Christian Women Critique Partners and Beta Readers

Final Steps: Hire an Editor 

Be open minded. An editor is not paid to give the warm fuzzies either.

  • Content Editor

  • Copy Editor

  • Line Editor

  • Proofreader

Send me the first chapter of your book.

I will edit for…

  • Typos and grammatical errors   

  • Spelling and word choice errors

  • Punctuation and style

  • Clarity and flow

  • Sentence and paragraph structure

  • Transitions

  • Dialogue

Once you receive your edited chapter and feel comfortable in my expertise and knowledge, and I know the level of editing needed, we will set a plan in action. I will send an invoice for the first half of the total word count so I can get started. I’ll charge the rest when the project is close to completion.

Contact me and let’s talk about which service is best for you.

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