The Beginning of a Legacy

businessmtgConsider your life and all the people you have met along the way and the impact each one has had on your life. I guess we will never know the impact that WE have had on other people’s lives this side of heaven. It reminds me of the little book I read several years ago—The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Written by Mitch Albom, he gives a fictional account of a man who goes to heaven and meets the five people, who he had never known on earth, and yet, whose lives changed because of him. It’s a very interesting read, but I digress. Think about the special events in your life from the time you were a child to today. All the holidays with family and friends and perhaps a couple lonely holidays, too. All of this adds to the story of our personal legacy.

Then there comes the time when we marry, and an entirely new legacy begins, a legacy of two people seen as one—two people beginning a single legacy. The legacy that my parents left to their family was one of honesty and integrity, of hard work and joy in accomplishing a feat together.

Last night, our son proposed to his sweetheart of four years. We are thrilled that she said “yes.” And now their legacy can begin ashugging
they create memories together. The people their lives will touch, the other couples they will meet and share meals with or babysit for each other’s children—their Christmases, Easters, and Thanksgivings will never be the same again. Each year will only add to their story—their legacy.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be Aaron and Allie Watters! May God richly bless your legacy as you actively write it out on the pages of time.

What about you? If you’re single, how do you think your legacy would change if you were married? If you are married, how did your own legacy change when you and your spouse became one? Write down some aspects of your joint legacy for your generations to come.


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  1. by Sandra Cleary

    On August 24, 2014

    YEA!!! Congratulations to Aaron and Allie—and to Judy and Larry. WHEW–about time! Love you guys.

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