What Advice Would You Give?

A dear friend andheaven father of three children, who I had the privilege to teach, passed away yesterday morning. What a shock! It was quick and sudden. With no time to prepare for the sudden loss, the family and community will need to take time to process the fact that Mike’s jolly smile will never be seen again this side of heaven. His giving spirit was obvious to all. His charity to God’s work and his people came in not only monetary form, but also in words of encouragement to the downhearted.

Last Friday, the Lord chose another dear friend to enter heaven’s gates. Even though he had suffered with cancer and the effects of chemo on his body for the last three months, his sudden home going was still unexpected. Al had been a missionary in Africa years ago, and his continuous smile and attitude about his failing body spoke only of the promise of seeing God’s face sooner rather than later.

The mother of a writing buddy also joined the Lord’s heavenly family last week. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the family’s celebration of her life. And what a celebration it was. The family conducted the entire service with memories, favorite hymns and testimonies of their mother’s and grandmother’s love for others. I saw a picture on facebook of the family gathered later that evening for a talent show. Cousins, aunts and uncles entertained each other, a pastime they knew Grandmother would love watching from her new home.

On the other end of the spectrum, a young teacher friend had a birthday yesterday. On facebook she asked, “So for those of you who have beaten me to 30 already, any words of wisdom or advice for my 30s???”

What advice should I give a thirty-year old with a brand new baby? My quick reply was this: “Enjoy these years while they last!! Been there…done that…would like to do it all over!”

However, based on the lives of the three people I know who left this world recently, I should have said this:
• Love the Lord with all your heart.
• Give of yourself to others and then give some more.
• Strive to leave the world a better place because you were here.
• Leave a lasting legacy for friends and family.

What advice would YOU give to this young mom? Write down that advice for your loved ones and for the generations to come.

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