Dates We Never Forget

1945virgdaddyCertain anniversaries we never forget. Sunday, October 5, 1982, Daddy died. And even though it has been 32 years, I remember that early morning, standing at his bedside at 3:00 a.m. and realizing he was gone. He fought a two-year battle with colon cancer but decided he would rather die than suffer the ravaging effects of chemo on his body.

Strange what small details I remember of that time. When my sister and I arrived at the hospital from Texas, Mom went home and did the only thing she could think of to get her mind off what was happening. She baked Daddy’s favorite sugar cookies. She sent them to the hospital by way of our brothers. I remember taking the first bite at Daddy’s bedside. They were light and fluffy, just the way Daddy liked them; I couldn’t eat anymore. Why do moments like this stay so vivid in our minds?

Death is a given. We are born; we grow; we die. That’s the life cycle of all things on earth. We know it’s the eventual end for us all. Then why does death of a loved one catch us so off guard?

I think I have an answer to that question—at least for me. As in the case of my daddy, I saw him as a strong support in my life, a stable fixture. I had confidence that he’d always be just a phone call away. However, over the years, I have come to realize that God is the only one who will not leave me, and I don’t even have to make a phone call. He knows my struggles and is more than willing to give me answers if I am willing to listen.

Yes, I still miss Daddy. However, today, I see him in my children. Every once in a while, one of my sons will say something or give a certain smile or tilt of the head that reminds me of him. Our daughter has taken on Daddy’s same “I can do it” attitude in any obstacle she meets.

So Daddy lives on today in my children who never met him. That’s a comforting thought, since they must have seen some of Daddy in me over the years. And so his legacy continues generation after generation.

What do you see in your children or grandchildren that reminds you of a certain loved one? Do you see it as a comfort as I do? Do you smile at the sweet remembrance? Take some time and write down your thoughts of that special person for the generations to come.

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  1. by Rick Dandridge

    On October 8, 2014

    Hey Judy! I have a few dates in mind, but there not connected to a legacy. We do not have children so there is no legacy to leave. Do you still want me to comment on these dates that I have in mind?

  2. by Judy Watters

    On October 9, 2014

    You will leave a legacy for nieces, nephews, friends and their kids. People watch us as we go through life. Things we say and do will be remembered long after we are gone. Joan of Arc never had children, but she left a great legacy…I can think of many Bible characters too. You should write down your memories. I would definitely read it

  3. by Maarie C. Senter

    On November 7, 2014

    To know me is to know everything becomes a story….like you, HE provides the gift and the tuff-love to spread THE word. Remember looking out the window , seeing the snow carried parallel by the wind and wondering, out loud, if there would be school ? No wonder “ah hates cold, dislikes cool, barely tolerates tepid…..ah want it WARM!” Amen.

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