Memoir Writing Prompt: What Happens at the Threat of Bad Weather?

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Growing up in northern Pennsylvania, it was common sense that the snow had to be hip-deep before they closed the schools. School bus drivers put chains on their tires; my siblings and I rode sleds to the bottom of the hill and waited for the bus in a tiny, freezing shanty. Sometimes when it started to sleet, schools let out early so we could get home before dark.

Having moved to Texas 40 years ago, I realize not only is this a different day and age, but it’s also a different mentality when it comes to snow or ice. Yesterday, when I visited Mom at the nursing home, maintenance people had already spread salt on the sidewalks—it was 66 degrees. The message had gone out that snow and ice would soon be at our doorsteps. Bread, milk and water disappeared quickly at local grocery stores and schools and businesses announced closures for the next day—once again I have to say—it was 66 degrees.

Well, the ice did come in about 11:00 p.m. and today, everyone is stowed away in their warm homes sipping hot chocolate and watching old movies while the 28 degree  weather takes hold outside.

Memoir Writing Prompt: What happened in your town or at your school when bad weather approached? Did people run to the grocery stores to stock up? Did you experience real hardship in one of those times? Maybe a hurricane or a tornado. Write that story.

Today’s Writing Prompt: How is it today when you hear of bad weather heading your way? How is your preparation for or your handling of the storm different from when you were a child?

Have fun writing for your generations to come.

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  1. by Karen Sheppard

    On January 17, 2018

    Years ago we lived in Northern VA and there was a weatherman,Topper Shutt, who described winter storms as to how many loaves of bread a panicked shopper would buy. It’s a two-loaf storm…..

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