What’s for Lunch?

Emily and Judy Watters


“Where do you want to eat lunch?” Emily asked me.

“I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?”Enjoying a day out shopping with my twenty-one-year-old daughter, it really didn’t matter to me at all where we ate lunch.

“I don’t care. I could do sushi or PeiWei, but wherever you want to go.” Emily was so easy to please when it came to choosing a restaurant.

“Well, which one?” I asked.

“You choose; I’m thinking maybe Bill Miller’s chicken, too.”

“Oh, how about Ghengis Khan? I ate there with Laurie, but it will be an adventure for you,” I said.

“I suppose we could do that.” She sounded a little less than enthusiastic.

“I know, we can go through the drive through at Bill Millers and take it to PeiWei and have a little of both.” At this point I was laughing so hard tears ran down my face.

“Mom,” Emily barely got out through her heavy laughter, “Just pick a place!”

“Okay, Bill Miller’s! Is that all right?” I asked as I wiped my tears away.

“Perfect! Shall we eat in or take it home?” Emily and I looked at each other in disbelief that we were up against another decision.

“Oh, Mom,” Emily roared, “Eating out is too hard!”

I am sure the other motorists to the left and right of our car were wondering what was going on. Our entire car must have been rocking back and forth with the laughter we had going.

“Let’s do the drive through and take it home,” I decided.

“Wow, that was a tough decision,” Emily said, “but I am truly hungry for Bill Miller’s chicken.  I have been craving it for so long.”

As I drove into Bill Miller’s parking lot, I realized I had gone in the wrong way and had to make a crazy loop to get headed in the right way for the drive through.

“May I help you?” the voice on the menu board asked.

“UMM, give me the large family pack with brisket and sausage. I also need one half and half iced tea and one refill iced tea. Both half and half, “ I said.

“Will that be all?” the voice came back.

“Yes,” I said, pleased that this whole thing was soon to be over.

“That will be $22.95. Drive up please.”

As we drove up, there was a young girl holding a box out of the serving window. “Here’s your seventeen-piece chicken,” she said. “End of this batch.” And the window slammed shut.

I sat there holding the huge box of chicken. “Did I order chicken?” I asked Emily in a daze.

The window opened again with another girl popping her head out. “Here’s your iced tea,” she said.

I handed the box of chicken to Emily and took the iced teas from the girl.

“I thought I had ordered brisket and sausage?” I said still in a daze, but the window had slammed shut again.

“Didn’t I order brisket and sausage?” I asked Emily.

The window opened again and the girl passed out a huge bag to me. “Thanks, and come again.” The window slammed shut.

“What just happened?” I asked Emily.

“I got my chicken that I wanted and that you forgot to order,” she said as she munched on her first piece of Bill Miller’s chicken.

Building a memory and a legacy of craziness at the same time!

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  1. by Windy Lanzl

    On June 15, 2011

    This nutty adventure is the kind of crazy fun I enjoy with my sisters. God blessed me with three boys, but no girls. I have to say, when I see the two of you I feel daughter envy! 🙂 BUT, I’m holding out hope on the possibility of awesome daughter-in-laws!

  2. by julie

    On June 20, 2011

    We don’t have drive through dining dilemmas..we always go to Taco Cabana…everyone has a favorite and it’s inexpensive…but we’ve never gotten free fried chicken ! Lucky you !

    Of course, like everybody, we’ve had drive through order “issues”…I think it’s those static prone speaker systems they use. Just today at Dairy Queen I ordered a small ice tea, but when I pulled up to the window a frazzled teenager handed me a small Heath Bar Blizzard…my husband was only too happy to eat that “miss-order”, as well as his own medium banana split Blizzard ! After all, it was Father’s Day !

    Sometimes, fast food is just too fast. On a road trip to North Carolina when our kids were young, we ordered the requisite hamburger Happy Meal. As we drove off into the night, our daughter declared, “No ham!”, as she unhappily displayed a bun with a squirt of ketchup and a pickle, but no hamburger patty in sight. But Dad was in full drive mode and there was no going back for the patty!

    File it under “fun with food” ! : )

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