What Rules? Grandma’s Here

P1000845So here’s the thing (as the beloved Monk would say). Ever since we adopted our Lacey and brought her home, saving her from an unknown future at the shelter, she has had one hard and fast rule. That rule—never to be broken—never enter a carpeted room. For four years, Lacey has adhered to that rule. With only two carpeted rooms in the entire house, she had no reason to go into either one. She might come lay outside our bedroom and put one paw on the carpet, but the minute we looked at her, she quickly pulled the paw back.

However, Grandma has come to stay with us, and oh, what a magnet Grandma is for Lacey. I wonder if it’s because Grandma, every once-in-a-while, accidentally on purpose, drops a morsel of bagel or meatloaf right at Lacey’s feet. What IS a dog to do? She has always tried to keep the kitchen floor clean, so why stop now that Grandma’s here?

So this afternoon, Grandma got a chill and decided she would go to bed to warm up. After tucking Grandma snugly into bed, I returned to my office to work. Within just a few minutes, I heard Grandma laughing and talking to someone. So back to the guest room I go and find Lacey lying on top of Grandma. I could tell Lacey had determined she would not be moved. I called her to come out of the room, I scolded her, then, I decided to give in to both Grandma and Lacey.

I did tell Lacey she was going to be in big trouble when Dad got home, but I don’t think she is worried about Dad—Grandma’s here.

Pets are a huge part of many families. They have a way of burrowing deep into your heart. Do you have a precious story about your pet? Make that story a part of your written legacy. Get started today. Write that story!


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  1. by Kim Wilson

    On January 16, 2014

    Snowball comes to mind. Just the other night I was telling a neighbor how much Maude loved to help the porcupines get rid of those pokey things that stuck out of them. Animals can make a bad day good.

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