Memoir Writing Prompt: What memories does Super Bowl hold for you?

Super Bowl LII has come and gone. And what a game it was! Even I was cheering for the Eagles. As I was growing up, football was not an item in our home. When I reached high school, football became a social event. My parents left me off at the school with $1.00 and a […]

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Memoir Writing Prompt: What Material Item do You Hold Dear as a Family Treasure?

In two months, Mom will be 97 years old. In 1928, her third grade teacher gave her this glass basket vase. Throughout my growing up, the vase held pansies, daisies, violets, and dandelions on a regular basis. When Mom sold our Pennsylvania farm, the vase was one thing Mom could not sell at the estate […]

January 29, 2018 in Legacy Writing Prompts by

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Memoir Writing Prompt: How did you Experience Warmth When You were Young

In the last couple of weeks, Texas has experienced unusual cold. Temperatures plunged below the freezing mark, all the way to 26 degrees on a couple mornings. My husband made a blazing fire in the fireplace each night that made me very happy. However, the Texas cold was nothing like the cold winters we had […]

January 22, 2018 in Legacy Writing Prompts by

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I’m Retired–No Cleaning for Me

I decided today would be my cleaning day. Rip the sheets off the bed, get them in the washer, sort other dirty clothes, clear off all sorts of stuff from my kitchen counters, clear my desk, light my coffee scented candle—and that’s when I remember—I hate cleaning. However, with the washer going and my bed […]

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