Mom’s Great Doctor’s Report

My sister and her daughter, Jeannette, took Mom for her annual checkup last Wednesday. Mom never likes going to the doctor; at 91 years of age, she is rarely sick. But she likes to go to visit with the doctor. She always comes home feeling like she has had a great time with an old friend.

“Mrs. Sheer, do you know what the date is today?” Dr. Yu started off.

“Of course, I do,” Mom said without even having to think about it like I would have to do. “It’s Wednesday, December 19th, 2012.”

“And when were you born, Mrs. Sheer?”

“March 27th, 1921,” Mom said not missing a beat.

“Do you remember what you had for dinner last night?” Dr. Yu continued.

“Oh, my, yes,” Mom said with a twinkle in her eyes. “My daughter, Virginia, is the best cook and we were celebrating my other daughter’s 63rd birthday and my great grandson’s 14th birthday. We had fresh ham…you know it tastes so much like pork and pork is my favorite meat. Then she had a cherry sauce to go over the ham. We had creamed potatoes, not scalloped, but Virginia had some other sauce; it was very good. We had peas, and a cauliflower/raisin salad that is so good. Oh, and we had spiced cinnamon carrots. Then after we got dishes cleaned up, we had a wonderful chocolate birthday cake with vanilla ice cream.”

Dr. Yu leaned back on his stool and said nothing for a moment. “Is that right?” he asked Jeannette.

“Right down to the last pea,” she said.

“Dr. Yu, how many more years do you think I have here on earth?” Mom asked with as serious a look on her sweet face that she could ever muster up.

Dr. Yu looked at Mom in total amazement. “Mrs. Sheer, I wouldn’t doubt if you have another 91 years to go. And I sure hope I have 91 years to be your doctor.”

“Oh, good,” Mom said. She turned to Jeannette. “Okay, let’s go to Big Lots and then to lunch. I’m paying.” Then to Dr. Yu, “You have a Merry Christmas; it was good seeing you today.”

That’s my mom. She keeps me smiling all the time. (And I sure hope Dr. Yu is right!)

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  1. by Wanda Thomas Littles

    On December 24, 2012

    Judy your mom is so pretty, and guess what? I can see a huge resemblance in cheekbones, a little bit of nose, and eyes in you. Ahh. 91. And still looking good, still sharp as a tack, still taking it to another level!

    I’m grooming myself right now to be a brown skinned, brown eyed, sharp as a tack Mrs. Sheers, in hopes of getting to 59 and the next levels.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us new seniors who must step up our game! Hah!

  2. by Judy Watters

    On December 24, 2012

    Thanks, Wanda. She sure is a huge light in my life. Merry Christmas, Wanda.

  3. by John White

    On December 25, 2012

    Judy, You are so blessed to have your Mother still with you, she looks so spry, maybe she should get with Betty White and start the over 90 show !

  4. by Judy Watters

    On December 25, 2012

    Good idea, John. I will get her booked right away.

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