Memories of Your Favorite Animal

teakettleMy most favorite animal in the whole wide world is the Holstein cow. I know they aren’t all warm and fuzzy, but they make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I look into their big brown eyes. Holstein cows, of course, remind me of my childhood homestead, a 100-acre farm in Pennsylvania. And home congers up all types of memories—the rows of corn where we played hide and go seek, the tall hay in the fields where I took mid-day naps, the orchard that produced sweet apples for a yummy snack while reading under the shade of the apple trees.

Besides that, the Holstein cow is a humble creature. Not like a cat that lurks around the corner waiting to take you by surprise or wrapping their bodies around your legs. Not like any other animal. They possess that character of quiet, peaceful, almost lackadaisical attitude. One that says, “Come hug my neck, tickle me behind my ear, but be careful I don’t drool on you.

And because I love these beautiful critters, I collect all things Holstein and when I visited Hobby Lobby yesterday with my daughter, I squealed with delight at the sight of this teapot. I think I scared poor Emily, but once she saw what I saw, she soon realized her mom had, once again, returned to her childhood days. I couldn’t wait to get home to heat the water in my Holstein teapot (a belated Mother’s Day gift from Emily) and drink tea from my Holstein cup (a gift from my sister-in-law). The only thing that would have made the experience any more perfect would have been to be transported back to the farm, sit in the hayloft, and watch the Holstein cows in the pasture. In my mind’s eye, I did just that as I sipped the green tea sweetened with honey.

What is your favorite animal? What memories does that animal bring to your mind? Take some time right now to write down that story. Who knows? Years from now, your words just might bring a smile to your grandchild’s face.

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