Memoir Writing Prompt: What did You Learn from Your Grandparent?

I had planned to write on a different prompt today until I saw this picture my cousin posted on Facebook of him and his grandson. I have to sadly admit to the fact that I still have no grandchildren (another topic); however, I had grandparents and this picture captures the epitome of what I think of as a grandparent’s role. Grandma Mudge seldom sat down, always busy baking pies, bread, cookies or getting a meal for a houseful of unexpected company. Grandpa Mudge was a county surveyor. When he was home, he labored over blueprints in his “office” in the corner of the living room. Sometimes, if my visits were timed just right, I could help him prune his raspberry or blackberry patches. I especially liked harvesting the berries and or the many vegetables that he grew in the garden. My grandparents were affectionate and hard-working people. Maybe that’s why I find it so difficult to rest but rather have an insane habit of being busy all the time.

Memoir Writing Prompt: Your children and/or future generations will probably never know your grandparents. Take time now to write about them. What was your relationship like with them? What did you learn from them? What do you do today that you can pinpoint as having come from one of your grandparents?

Today’s Memoir Writing Prompt: If you are a grandparent, what do you enjoy doing with your grandchildren? What wisdom have you learned over the years that you would like your future generations to know?

Enjoy writing today for your generations to come.

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  1. by Jim Patterson

    On March 18, 2018

    Love what you are doing. I told Jacob that hanging out with Boppa he may become famous.Keep up the.wonderful work you are doing. Looking forward to your next book.

  2. by Judy Watters

    On March 19, 2018

    Thanks, Jim. Yes, Jacob is famous now. By publishing memoir writing prompts, I hope I will encourage people to write their stories. The everyday ordinary person has rich stories to leave their loved ones. Get started on your now!

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