Memoir Writing Prompt: Met Any Good People Lately?

Recently, we have seen and heard angry people on the news. Some people have experienced it within their own families or within their circle of friends. Makes me wonder what happened to all the kind and considerate people. However, my faith in humankind was restored recently in a strange and wonderful way.

The day ahead of me, packed with “to do” items, would lead up to a luncheon for my sister’s birthday. My failed plan to leave the house at first light should have been a foreshadowing of the day to come. At 10:00 a.m., I rushed out the door only to get five miles down the road and have to return for my phone.

With phone in hand, and clearly ready for the busy day, I zoomed out again. Ten miles down the road, I remembered the paper plates and forks for the birthday cake—back home on the kitchen counter. No turning back. I would just purchase some at my first stop—the grocery store thirty miles away where I had to pick up a birthday cake.

At the store, with so many decisions and so little time, I chose a small cake and ran down the paper goods aisle to grab the plates and forks. To save time, I went to the self-checkout, scanned my items, and rummaged through my purse to find all my money and credit cards were—back home beside my computer where I had cleaned out my purse the night before.

“Can I help you?” asked the lady assigned to help those customers with looks on their faces such as mine.

“I left all my money and cards at home—and my driver’s license. I do have my checkbook and a picture of my license on my phone.” I was pleading by this time.

“Hey, my pleasure,” said a man behind me. He quickly inserted his credit card chip into the POS.

“I can’t let you do that,” I said in a daze.

He smiled. “Why not? My card is good.”

I read his shirt that said Certified Emergency Rescue Team and thought that was exactly what he was.

I pulled out my checkbook. “Let me write you a check. I really am good for it.”

“No way; it’s my pleasure. Just pay it forward.” And he quickly left.

One last stop —I hoped our favorite barbecue restaurant would take my check. Since I had said I was bringing everything to the party, I had to try.

Entering the restaurant, I found myself praying in earnest that they would take my check. I explained my embarrassing situation.

“We don’t accept personal checks,” the cashier said.

However, the manager overheard and quickly stepped up and opened his wallet. “No problem,” he said. “Just stop in when you’re back in the area and ask for me.” He proceeded to put his own credit card in and the sale was completed – $26.74.

What a great party we had as I related my story of good people along my way. My sister cashed my check so I could repay the restaurant manager. I Googled—Certified Emergency Rescue Team in New Braunfels and found no such organization. Perhaps he was a member of God’s Certified Emergency Rescue Team sent to reassure me that good people still exist.

Memoir writing prompt: Tell of a time when you met “good people” who did extraordinary things to make your day special.

Enjoy writing for the generations to come.

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