How I Found Jesus

Betrayal, frustration, anxiety, anger, depression—isn’t this the path all marriages take? Mine did—and after only three years, my husband had found perfect wife #3.

But mine is not a story of continual bitterness and anger. No, depression has never been a land where I have wanted to live for very long. So at the age of twenty-three, after two miscarriages and an unwanted divorce, I struck out to visit my sister in Texas—just to think things out.

My sister and her family attended a Baptist church, and I knew from the way they talked about Jesus that they had to be what we Yankees termed “Holy Rollers.” Sunday after Sunday, my two little nieces came to my bedroom door to beg me to go to church with them. But I wasn’t going to become “one of those.” Then one day, a light bulb flashed in my pea-sized brain. Maybe it was because one of my nieces said she would stay home with Aunt Judy, but I realized I was a guest in their home, and I was upsetting the apple cart. So I went to church, hand-in-hand with my two very happy little nieces.

I loved singing, so quickly found myself in the choir, singing of a Jesus and Savior who I had never known. I had grown up in a church where we sang the same old hymns that this church did. But every Sunday, this church also sang:

Just as I am, without one plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bidst me come to Thee,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

I thought there must have been five hundred verses, because we sang it over and over. It became an irritant to me. Then one Sunday, as these words were spilling out of my mouth, the pastor said, “Jesus should not have to beg you to come to Him. You should be begging Him to receive you.” I stood there in my stiff-hearted-heels-dug-deep stance.

Did I go to the altar and beg Jesus to come into my heart? You bet I did. I couldn’t get there fast enough. I realized then that all the love, joy, and trust I had put into an earthly husband, should actually be given to Jesus, my comforter, my joy, my peace.

Since that day September 25th, 1973, Jesus has been my guide. He brought me a man of integrity who knows Jesus, and now twenty–eight  years of marriage and three beautiful children later, has convinced me, that it was all in His plan. To God be the glory…Great things He has done.

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See also for more articles as to how you can grow in Him.


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