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I’m Much Too Busy for a Visit

My father-in-law continues to teach me life lessons. Life is to be lived–that’s an active verb, and at 82, Dad is definitely not being passive about life.

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Failures can be Good

“Speak only of your successes; there are enough people around to remind you of your failures.” I was given these words of advice when I worked in door-to-door sales in the ‘70s with World Book Encyclopedia. After having won national honors for sales the month before, I had just finished a pitiful week with very […]

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Reruns are the Pits

Stop replaying the mistakes of your life. Share those life lessons with others and move on.

June 22, 2011 in Legacy Writing Prompts by


That “Can-Do” Spirit

…with tears rolling down his face. That’s how I like to remember my dad. Oh, not caused by any kind of sadness, but from a joke he had heard from a worker coming  through his cafeteria line. Daddy loved jokes, and he loved bringing most of them home to the family…those he could repeat. And […]

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Making the Right Decision

We all have decisions to make in life. Some may not be as heavy as others, but still important nonetheless. As a parent, making decisions for my young children is more difficult than for myself. Do we homeschool or send our children to public or private school? Do we go the athletics route with the […]

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What’s for Lunch?

Emily and Judy Watters

  “Where do you want to eat lunch?” Emily asked me. “I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?”Enjoying a day out shopping with my twenty-one-year-old daughter, it really didn’t matter to me at all where we ate lunch. “I don’t care. I could do sushi or PeiWei, but wherever you want to go.” […]

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