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Any Mismatched Problems in Your Legacy?

Strange how our senses can remind us of past events. The smell of hot apple pie brings back memories of Mom’s delectable offerings right out of the oven, the crust browned with sugar lightly sprinkled on top. Sometimes when I pass the bakery in the grocery store, my sense of smell takes me back to […]

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The Beginning of a Legacy

Consider your life and all the people you have met along the way and the impact each one has had on your life. I guess we will never know the impact that WE have had on other people’s lives this side of heaven. It reminds me of the little book I read several years ago—The Five […]

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Start a New Tradition-Family Reunions

When I saw my cousins’ reunion picture on our family facebook page, I marveled and envied them for keeping the annual event alive. The Randall’s, Aunt Verna’s family, had eight siblings. Today, cousins and grandchildren abound, which must make for fun reunions. Family gatherings were huge events when I was a child on the farm […]

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What’s Your Happiest Moment?

Can you pinpoint that one moment in your life—that one you can immediately jump back to and say, “That was my happiest moment”? Mine: the birth of Aaron, our first-born son. This is not to take away from my excitement of baby Emily and baby Kyle. But before Aaron, I believed I would never have […]

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Memories of the Art of Letter Writing

I just finished handwriting a 9-page letter to my cousin Carole in Pennsylvania. I wish I could be there to see her astonished look when she opens the mailbox. A letter from me is a rare occurrence. Of course, it doesn’t make sense. I am a writer, a published writer at that. However, my letter […]

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Memories of “Friendly” Spurs/Heat Competition

The 2013 NBA Finals was a nail-biter. Going right down to the last few moments in game seven, the Miami Heat overcame the San Antonio Spurs. And my brother, Emery, was there to celebrate his team’s victory. After that great Miami win, Emery invited my husband, Larry, to join him in the Heat arena if […]

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What are Your Summer Memories?

On my childhood farm in Pennsylvania, summer meant hours of doing nothing. But in truth, my siblings and I did everything. It was a time for cartwheels and downhill tumbling on the soft green grass in our rolling front yard. A time for hiding my nose in the thick grass and drinking in the sweet […]

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My Much-Needed Friends’ Pantries

After writing a post on my childhood friends this past Saturday, a more up-to-date friendship saga hit me on Sunday. I have heard somewhere that we have friends for a season. In other words, friends in our childhood are not necessarily friends in high school or later life. Some close friendships are established in our […]

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A Good Day not to Die

I love my Thursdays with my sister, Virginia, and my 93-year old mom. I rush to drive the 35 miles to be there by 8:15 am and always find them just rolling out of bed. We spend two hours over coffee and toast, then another half hour perusing our IPads together. At 11:00 am, I […]

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Memories of Your Favorite Animal

My most favorite animal in the whole wide world is the Holstein cow. I know they aren’t all warm and fuzzy, but they make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I look into their big brown eyes. Holstein cows, of course, remind me of my childhood homestead, a 100-acre farm in Pennsylvania. And home […]

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